Walk with us

Fancy some fun and adventure off the beaten track in Ireland?
Find a high with Explore More’s fully qualified Mountain Leaders.   

We have a set of offerings to cater for most needs, we can offer the following:

Easy Hiking: A series of selected walks designed to help you get started. No previous walking experience required, Get out there and walk with us. Stretch your legs and get fit. Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. Walks are easy going and family friendly. Let us help you get out there!

More Treking: We can help you to try out new things, experience new terrain, walk at night, improve your navigation, etc. Push your comfort zones and succeed!

Explorer Hiking: Get around the country and walk in areas that you haven’t been to before. We know how to get there, where to park, and how to gain access. We can help you build your fitness and hill skills along the way. See parts of Ireland that many others never see!

The Peaks: If you want more of a challenge, we can organise a series of walks that includes the highest peak in each Province and 2 other “signature walks”. Duration: 5-8 hours, Distance: 10k-20k, Height gain: 700m-1,000m. The series consists of 6 walks. We can support you while you reach for the heights!

Longer & Higher: We can also organise longer and more demanding walks if that is what you prefer. Great in themselves, and useful for building stamina and preparing for expeditions abroad. See parts of Ireland that many others never see!

Backpacking / Wild Camping: We can supply the gear and the guides to help you add Wild Camping to your walking experience. Start with valley camping and move on to more remote areas. Slow down and unwind!

Expedition Hikes: Spend a few days uninterrupted walking in the uplands, a new route each day, new experiences all the way. Backpacking and camping along the way. Get away from it all and experience a real immersion in nature. Sleep and wake to natures sounds!

Enquiries to: or call Milly at +353 (0)86 2475280
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