About Hillwalking

Time spent in close contact with the natural world is beneficial to our mental and spiritual wellbeing. The uplands of Ireland provide a particularly good environment to get in touch with nature and yourself.

We have extensive areas of actively growing bogs and fens, with considerable areas given over to forestry. There are ranges of low mountains spread all around the country, mostly at the coasts. There are lakes, rivers and open countryside in abundance.

There are 5 National Parks in Ireland, and one mountain range (the Nephins) is designated as a Wilderness Area. Much of our upland areas are protected, and are accessible for recreational use year round.

Ireland has a temperate maritime climate, we have mostly mild winters and cool summers. This keeps our countryside green, fresh and beautiful and it leads to interesting weather on the hills.

The Explore More team is equipped to  help you plan, organise and enjoy your time in the outdoors, our team have the required qualifications and experience to support you. We can provide personal walking and camping gear as well as any team gear that may be required to add to your safety, comfort and enjoyment.

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