Hill Skills Training

It pays to know your way around, especially when the mist comes down or the weather closes in

Starting with map reading and feature recognition, leading on to estimation, timing, use of the compass and ending up with navigation in poor visibility and in the dark. Whether you are just starting out or you feel you need a refresher or an improver we can help.

The Explore More team can provide a range of navigation training activities / courses to meet your needs, we can also arrange courses which lead to accreditation by Mountain Training Board of Ireland (MTBI). MTBI has recently replaced  BOS (RoI) and MTNI (NI) as the mountain training body for the island of Ireland.

For more information, availability and pricing please contact us at ei.er1534386149omero1534386149lpxe@1534386149ofni1534386149 or +353 (0)86 078 3631

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