Meet the Team

In March 2014 three of us got together to form Explore More; to help others to venture into the outdoors, to take a step off the beaten track and to explore more of the countryside and wild places of Ireland. In February 2016 Tony joined us and we became four. Our ambition is to enable Irish residents and visitors to Ireland to experience the beauty and serenity that can be found in nature and to develop their own skills and autonomy as they do this with us.

Explore More with Adrian NolanAdrian Nolan has a great sense of adventure and has had a full life so far. He is a  stone mason by trade, he is also a talented musician and singer. He is a qualified dive Instructor (PADI), and an avid fisherman, applying the “catch and release” principle of course. He is well-travelled, having spent time visiting all parts of the EU and some parts of Russia. He lived for a year in each of; South East Asia, Austrialia, New Zealand. He also travelled in the USA. He is a qualified Mountain Leader and his aspiration is to become a Mountain Instructor.


Explore More with Declan CunninghamDeclan Cunningham is a proud Kerryman and it was there he discovered a love of mountains and the  ‘great outdoors’ in general. He offers guiding on life’s less travelled trails as well as tuition in navigation and rock climbing. He has walked and climbed all over the world including the Alps, the Himalays, Africa and Greenland. Aside from his own great adventures he has led guided trips to Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and all over Ireland and the UK so he is most at home when he’s not. And, with over ten years in Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team when he’s not wandering Ireland’s wildest places finding himself he’s looking for you!


MaelíExplore More with Milly DeBuitlearosa DeBuitléar is a qualified Project Manager (PMP) and a member of the Irish Institute for Training & Development. He is a member of the Scout Movement since his youth; his experience there includes design and delivery of youth programme and adult training. Milly has walked the hills extensively in Ireland and has also walked in Scotland, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Africa (Atlas) and Italy (Alps). His passion for the outdoors combined with his background in youth work, project management and training makes him an excellent person to help you pursue your interest in the outdoors.


Explore More with Tony NationTony Nation. Tony’s love for the outdoors began at a very young age back in the late sixties, walking long distances and a spot of caving as well as sailing. Was heavily involved in the seventies and eighties flying model aeroplanes. In the nineties Tony rediscovered hillwalking and has trekked in many parts of the world, South America, Europe, Africa, Russia and Asia. Tony has lead many groups is a qualified ML and loves to share his experiences with them. Tony is married to Mary and has four children. All the family are involved in the outdoors and have traveled with Tony on his adventures.


We are qualified Mountain Leaders and hold current first aid qualifications and we are also well versed in the principles of sustainable walking (Leave No Trace); our objective is to help you to have an enjoyable, productive and safe time in the hills and to leave the places we visit at least as good as we find them.

When working with groups we like to share some knowledge or skills that are of interest to them; such as local flora & fauna, hints & tips for tackling rougher terrain, navigation techniques, staying comfortable in the out of doors.

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