Winter Solstice – Sunset on the hills

Down through the centuries people have gone to high places to witness the skies at special times of the year.

The winter solstice was one such time, they would walk to a hilltop to get a clear view of sunset on the shortest day of  the year and to celebrate the swing back towards brighter days.

Winter solstice this year falls mid-week and so for your convenience we are organising a sunset walk Saturday December 17th.

We will walk up Three Rock Mountain and across to Fairy Castle where we should get truly excellent views of sunset over the Irish Sea and across the Wicklow hills, of course how much we get to see depends a lot on the weather conditions on the day but we are hoping for clear skies and calm weather.

We will start our adventure from the Stepaside area at around 2:30pm in order to be at the top in good time for sunset.

We will organise tea/coffee on top to help us all stay cosy and we should be back at the start point at about 6 pm.

We will need to control numbers so that we can properly oversee safety so please drop us a line at ei.er1544918593omero1544918593lpxe@1544918593ofni1544918593 to reserve your place(s). Adults 20 euro, accompanied children free of charge.

Adrian, Declan, Milly & Tony
Enquiries to: ei.er1544918593omero1544918593lpxe@1544918593ofni1544918593 or call us at +353 (0)86 2475280
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