Walking in the sunshine is always a real treat. Lanzarote, in the Canaries, has more than its fair share of sunny days. Add to that the unique volcanic nature of the landscape and the spectacular sea views and you get some truly excellent walking experiences. Although we don’t organise flights ourselves we understand that there are direct flights daily, so its handy to get there… 

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We know that many people would like the assurance of a local guide who can show them the best routes, fill them in on items of specific interest along the way, enable them to get the best from their walking and help them to avoid the pitfalls that can arise when walking in unfamiliar territory.
So we have found a local man who is both experienced in the terrain and in leading groups there. His name is David and he runs a company called Adventure Holidays Lanzarote. We have walked with him recently in Lanzarote and we can recommend him to you.

David has asked us to mention three specific ideas to you:
Family Walks: easy walking suitable for all walking abilities – plenty to see and hear along the way, plants, animals and interesting terrain.
Day walks: taking on more challenging terrain and getting to see places many others don’t.
Bird Spotting walks / drives: A huge variety of birds use Lanzarote as home or as a resting place, many are of species not seen in this part of the world. David can help you find identify them.
Volcano discovery: Walk the volcanic terrain with David and listen to him reveal how volcanic action formed the islands and still shapes them today.

David’s team is also happy to arrange specific walks to suit you needs and experience if you wish.

Lanzarote, being an island open to winds both from Atlantic and from Africa, is subject to some very quick changes in weather, with some days becoming windy and some very hot. David’s team will help you by understanding the weather trend and by proposing routes that suit best for the prevailing conditions on the day of your walk(s) with him.

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