Sunset on a hill at the Winter Solstice

solstice-on-a-hillHi all, seasons greetings.

For millions of years people have walked to the top of a hill near them to witness the sun going down on the shortest day of the year and to celebrate that swing from shortening days to lengthening days, and they look forward to Springtime.

We have organised a walk on Great Sgugarloaf on Saturday December 17th to mark the solstice, details here

For safety reason nubers will be limited so drop us a line or give us a call to reserve a place,
The Explore More Team

Why not do some quality walking on Lanzarote

Walking in the sunshine is always a real treat. Lanzarote, in the Canaries, has more than its fair share of sunny days. Add to that the unique volcanic nature of the landscape and the spectacular sea views and you get some truly excellent walking experiences. 

We can arrange discounted rates with local company who are experienced in the terrain and in leading groups there, click on the picture below for more details…