Mountain Skills Training

It pays to know your way around, especially when the mist comes down or the weather closes in

Starting with map reading and feature recognition, leading on to estimation, timing, use of the compass and ending up with navigation in poor visibility and in the dark. Whether you are just starting out or you feel you need a refresher or an improver we can help.

Mountain Skills 1 (MS1) is the foundation training to enable you to make your way reliably in open countryside and on our hills. It includes map reading and navigation techniques as well as personal equipment, and some aspects of the upland environment.

We have scheduled MS1 Courses on October¬† 12th-13th and also on November 23rd-24th. Click here and select from the list of courses for more details and booking…

Mountain Skills 2 (MS2) builds on the foundation skills covered on Mountain Skills 1. It covers using a compass along with the map, navigating at night and in poor visibility and moving safely over steep ground.  As MS2 involves navigation in poor visibility and its bright until late at this time of year our next one will be scheduled for September or October.

Our next MS2 Course is scheduled for January 11th-12th. Click here and select from the list of courses for more details and booking…

There is a Mountain Skills Assessment scheduled for December 7th and 8th, please call or email if you want more information on that. We are happy to schedule more courses to meet demand as well as refresher courses to meet demand.

If there is anything else you think we could do for you please just drop us a line at or call Milly at 086 2475280

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