Start Hillwalking

Sign on for 6 “Get Started” walks and we will help you make a gentle start into walking in the hills.  

Start gradually: We start with simple short walks and move on week by week, gradually building up as you get fitter and more confident.

Be comfortable and gain confidence: We will help you get comfortable walking on a variety of terrain so that your confidence builds and you get more out of the walking.

Get geared out: We help you to get to know the gear you should have and, if you need anything that you don’t have we can suggest what might be suitable.

Enjoy the scenery; landscape and flora & fauna. Our routes are chosen so as to provide you with variety in terrain and in scenery. As we walk we will help you identify what’s around you so that you enjoy your day more.

The Explore More team can provide a series of starter walks for or we can work with you to select a route to suit your groups’ needs and interests. Once you have done the six “Get Started” walks with us you might like to sign up for our 6 “Next Steps” walks to continue to build your fitness and your hill skills.

The charge for our “Get Started” series is €150 per person, the charge for our “Next Steps” series is €210 per person. Discounts available to members of the Hiking Club.

For more information and availability please contact us at or +353 (0)86 2475280

Book an Activity  or  Join the Club for discounted rates.
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