Expedition Hikes

Spend a few days uninterrupted walking in the uplands, a new route each day, new experiences all the way 

Slow down and unwind: Step out of your usual busy life and immerse yourself in nature, each day experience a deepening sense of peace and tranquillity in our unspoilt hills and wild countryside.

Explore the countryside:
 Soak in the beauty of the upland landscape, wild bog and fen, softly rounded hills and craggy mountains; walk in nature and witness the wide variety of flora and fauna which live in our wild landscapes.

Sleep deep in nature (or not):
 We offer accommodation in tents, self-catering in camp conditions so you get a true “immersion” experience; carry your tent as you go or let us drop it near your camping spot each evening: if you prefer it then arrangements can be made for you to transfer each night to a local hostel or Bed & Breakfast.

See parts of Ireland that many others never see:
 We focus on supporting groups that want to explore more of the natural world in the uplands and mountains of Ireland. We know where to go walk and where to camp and we can help you get the most from your time in the hills.

We provide all camping and hiking gear as well as all food. Charge for a 5 day expedition hike is €666 per person, discounted to €500 for Club members.

The Explore More team can provide one of our regular routes for you or we can help you to select a route to suit your groups’ needs and interests.

For more information and pricing please contact us at or +353 (0)86 2475280

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